Liriomyza congesta Becker larva A pea leaf miner

Mines of this widely distributed and polyphagous species are often found on the upper side of leaves of labiate crops such as pea and Vicia bean (cf. Liriomyzapisivora, p. 189). Adults are relatively small (wings 1.3-1.7 mm long) and mainly greyish-black to yellow. They appear in the spring and eventually deposit eggs in the leaves, usually no more than one per leaf. The larval mines are linear and narrow, with the black frass dispersed along either side of a green central band. Each mine terminates in an expanded blotch, and fully fed larvae eventually pupate on the ground. There are two or more generations annually. The mines cause little or no distortion of the leaves and are usually insufficiently numerous to have any adverse effect on the growth of host plants. Larvae are whitish and up to 3 mm long; they are distinguished from those of L. pisivora (p. 189) by the 3-pored posterior spiracles.

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