Lygocoris pabulinus L Common green capsid

This capsid is a widespread and often abundant pest of trees, shrubs and herbaceous plants, in-

eluding field crops (e.g. beet, broad bean, French bean, runner bean, potato and swede), fruit crops (e.g. apple, blackberry, currant, gooseberry, raspberry, strawberry) and various ornamentals. Adults and nymphs cause considerable damage to buds, flowers, fruits, leaves and shoots. Symptoms vary from host to host, attacked tissue becoming discoloured, distorted and, often, ragged, tattered or peppered with holes. Although most often encountered on outdoor plants, infestations are sometimes noted during the summer in glasshouses, especially on chrysanthemum plants.


This capsid overwinters as eggs in the bark on shoots of apple, currant and other woody hosts, the eggs hatching in April and early May. Nymphs attack the young foliage of their woody hosts, before eventually departing for herbaceous plants where they complete their development. Adults of the first generation occur in June and July. They deposit eggs in the tissue of herbaceous hosts (including crops and various weeds). Second-generation nymphs complete their development by the autumn. Second-generation adults then migrate to woody hosts, in which winter eggs will be laid.


Adult 5.0-6.5 mm long, bright green with a dusky-yellow pubescence; antennae moderately long; pronotum with paired, relatively inconspicuous, callosities (Fig. 182) (cf. apple capsid, Plesiocoris rugicollis, p. 98). Egg 1.3 mm long, creamish in colour, banana-shaped. Nymph pale green to bright green; antennae orange-red apically.

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