Lyonetia clerkella L larva Apple leaf miner

Infestations of this generally abundant species occur on various trees and shrubs, including &p-/ pie and cherry. The larvae mine the foliage, and heavy infestations can cause leaves to turn brown and die.


This species overwinters in the adult stage. The moths appear in April and then deposit eggs on the underside of leaves. Following egg hatch, each larva tunnels within the leaf to form a very long, brown or whitish gallery, visible from above. Fully fed larvae emerge 3-4 weeks later to spin cocoons on leaves, branches or trunks of trees, each suspended in a hammock-like fashion by threads of silk. Adults appear about 2 weeks later. This species usually completes three generations annually.


Adult 8-9 mm wingspan; forewings brilliant white (but sometimes brownish), with a dark spot and several streaks apically; hindwings dark grey. Larva up to 8 mm long; body green and translucent; head brown.

Fig. 272 Forewing of Phyllonorycter blancardella (xl5).

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