Mangold aphid

The mangold aphid has a wide host range. It breeds on plant roots during the summer but is of most significance as a pest in mangold clamps. where large populations often develop; the aphids also overwinter on stored bulbs and corms (including crocus, lily and tulip). Direct feeding damage is of minor consequence but the aphids are vectors of viruses, including beet yellows. Apterae are very similar in appearance to those of Rhopalosiphoninus latysiphon (above), from which they may be distinguished by the spinose head, the less noticeably hairy antennae, the interrupted dark pattern of plates on the abdomen and the less-abruptly swollen siphunculi; the swollen middle section of each siphunculus is also noticeably paler than either the basal or the apical sections (Fig. 190g). This subspecies, which is sometimes treated as a separate species, was restricted to Europe, but appears also now to have been introduced into North America.

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