Mesoligea literosa Haworth Rosy minor moth

This widely distributed species is a minor pest of cereals and grasses, especially in coastal areas. However, attacks on field crops are rarely of significance. The larvae feed within the plants during the spring and early summer; the central shoots of infested plants turn white or yellow and eventually die.


Larvae feed from September to June within the stems of cereals and grasses. When fully fed they pupate in the soil. Adults fly in late July and August.


Adult 23-27 mm wingspan; forewings grey to ochreous, more or less suffused with violet or reddish-brown, and of variable appearance; hindwings mainly pale grey. Larva up to 25 mm long; body dirty ochreous-yellow with a purplish stripe along the back; spiracles black; head and prothoracic plate blackish-brown.

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