Oligia strigilis L Marbled minor moth

This moth is a minor pest of cereals and grasses. The larvae burrow within the shoots and cause their death. Infestations are of greatest significance on crops of cocksfoot grass.


Moths occur in June and July. Eggs are then laid in rows on the leaves and stems of host plants. Following egg hatch, the larvae burrow into the stems and shoots, where they feed from August or early September onwards. Larvae hibernate during the winter and complete their development in the spring. Pupation takes place in the soil in earthen cells.


Adult 22-27 mm wingspan; forewings blackish-brown with whitish or bronze markings but ap pearance extremely variable; hindwings greyish. Larva up to 25 mm long; body greyish-ochreous to purplish-brown, with pale stripes; pinacula very small and black; spiracles black and prominent; head very small, brown and shiny; prothoracic plate large and pale brown; anal plate very large and ochreous-brown.

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