Phyllotreta undulata Kutschera Small striped flea beetle

The small striped flea beetle is often an abundant pest of Brassicaceae, including watercress and various other vegetable crops. Adults and larvae cause typical flea beetle damage (see Phyllotreta cruciferae, p. 146); the adults are also vectors of turnip yellow mosaic virus. The biology is essentially similar to that of P. nemorum (p. 147). Adults are 2.0-2.3 mm long and black with a pair of centrally narrowed yellow bands on the elytra, the black area between them narrowing noticeably both anteriorly and posteriorly; the tibiae are mainly black, with just the basal third yellow (cf. P. nemorum, p. 147). Larvae are up to

5 mm long, creamish-white and relatively narrow-bodied.

NOTE Differences between similarly coloured species of Phyllotreta are often difficult to appreciate without microscopic examination and reference to specialist keys. The above-mentioned "descriptions' are intended merely as general guides.

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