Phytomyza hordeola Goureau larva A chrysanthemum leaf miner

Adults of this widely distributed and generally common leaf miner (Fig. 262) are similar in appearance to those of Phytomyza syngenesiae (p. 192) and, mistakenly, both species have been referred to in older literature as P. atricornis\ The larvae are very polyphagous and form whitish mines in the leaves of various weeds and ornamental plants, and in certain field crops such as flax, linseed and pea (Plate 8e); mines may occur on either the upper or the lower side of leaves. In common with P. syngenesiae, pupation takes place at the end of the larval mine, but the puparium is formed immediately below the epidermis on the same side of the leaf as the rest of the mine. Larvae of this species are similar in appearance to those of P. syngenesiae.

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