Plinthus caliginosus F Hop root weevil

This generally uncommon weevil is most often found in hop gardens and vineyards but will also attack crops such as raspberry and strawberry. Most damage is done by the larvae; these attack the roots and are especially damaging to newly planted stock and in young plantations.


The adult weevils may be found throughout the year but are most common in the late summer and autumn. They are rather inactive and usually shelter during the daytime beneath moss, stones or pieces of wood. Eggs are laid mainly from September to November, each placed singly in a small puncture made in the rootstock or subterranean part of a newly planted set. The larvae feed within the host plants for up to 18 months; they then pupate within the feeding gallery and adults emerge 2-3 weeks later, usually in the late summer.


Adult 5.5-9.0mm long, dark brown to black; body elongate, strongly punctured (Fig. 236) and often coated in mud; rostrum stout and fingerlike. Larva up to 10mm long; creamish-white; head brown; frons with a characteristic median line (Fig. 237).

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