Pseudococcus affinis Maskell Glasshouse mealybug

This mealybug is one of the most frequently encountered species on glasshouse crops. Heavy infestations debilitate host plants and sometimes cause premature leaf loss. The mealybugs also contaminate plants with honeydew, upon which sooty moulds develop.


Mealybugs breed continuously whilst conditions remain favourable, and there is a succession of overlapping generations throughout the year. Eggs are deposited in batches, often in the axils of leaves, each batch surrounded by cottonwoollike masses of wax that form a loose ovisac. Following egg hatch, the nymphs wander over host plants but they will often accumulate within curled leaves or beneath leaf sheaths. The adults are also mobile.


Adult 4mm long, pinkish, coated with whitish wax; caudal filaments about half as long as body. Egg minute, oval, pinkish. Nymph similar in appearance to adult but smaller.

Pseudococcus longispinus (Targioni-Tozzetti)

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