Psylliodes attenuata Koch Hop flea beetle

This uncommon pest is associated with hop. It occasionally causes damage to young growth but

Fig. 223 Larva of cabbage stem flea beetle, Psylliodes chrysocephala: (a) head and thorax (xlO).

attacks are rarely important and usually of most significance in nursery beds. Adults hibernate throughout the winter. They emerge in the spring and eventually deposit eggs in the soil around the base of host plants. The larvae are up to 6 mm long and mainly whitish, with a reddish-brown head, prothoracic plate and anal plate. They feed on the roots for about a month and then pupate. New adults occur from late July or early August to October or November. The adults are 2-3 mm long and black with a bronzy or greenish sheen. Before hibernating, they graze on the foliage and will sometimes also attack the young, ripening cones, within which they often shelter during inclement weather.

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