Pulvinaria regalis Canard Horsechestnut scale

This American species is associated with various ornamental trees and is nowadays a common sight on roadside trees in towns and cities in southern England; it is also now present in conti nental Europe (e.g. in parts of northern France). Prior to 1960, it was unknown in Europe. Although attacked trees are often heavily infested, effects on growth appear to be minimal.


This pest overwinters as first-instar nymphs, which continue feeding but grow only slowly. In the spring, following bud-burst, development is rapid and the adult stage is reached in May. This species is an unusual scale insect in that its nym-phal and adult stages are surprisingly mobile; adult females, for example, commonly migrate from their feeding sites to the trunk and main branches where they will eventually lay eggs. Reproduction is usually parthenogenetic, although males are by no means infrequent.


Adult female scale 7 mm long, brown, somewhat darker centrally; rounded in outline but tapered anteriorly, with a pronounced posterior cleft. Nymph oval, flattened, brown with a distinct posterior cleft.

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