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Ptilinum absent.

Fig. 96 Wing venation of a scuttle fly - family Phoridae.

false vein false vein

false margin

Fig. 97 Wing venation of a hover fly - family Syrphidae.

false margin

Fig. 97 Wing venation of a hover fly - family Syrphidae.

Fig. 98 Larva of a hover fly, Syrphus ribesii - family Syrphidae (x4).

12. Family PHORIDAE (scuttle flies)

Small, black or brownish-black, hump-backed flies with a characteristic wing venation, just the anterior veins being prominent and meeting the costa well before the wing tip (Fig. 96). Larvae are often associated with decaying organic matter, some feeding on fungi, including cultivated mushrooms.

EXAMPLE: Megaselia spp. (mushroom scuttle flies).

13. Family SYRPHIDAE (hover flies)

Medium to large, often brightly coloured flies; includes various bee-like or wasp-like species, some with the ability to hover; wing venation characteristic, with a false vein and a false margin (Fig. 97). Larvae maggot-like, with distinct, often cone-like posterior respiratory processes; body sometimes translucent, exposing the viscera (Fig. 98). Larvae are of various habits, many feeding in decaying organic matter; several species are important predators of aphids.

EXAMPLES: Milesiinae - Eumerus spp. (small narcissus flies), Merodon equestris (large narcissus fly); Syrphidinae - Scaeva pyrastri (cabbage aphid hover fly predator), Syrphus ribesii (currant aphid hover fly predator).

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