Sitobion fragariae Walker Blackberrycereal aphid

This species overwinters in the egg stage on blackberry, where heavy infestations in spring cause significant leaf damage and also depress fruit yields. In summer, colonies develop on various cereals and grasses, which act as secondary hosts. Although often invading the ears of wheat and other members of the Poaceae, the aphids are rarely numerous and, although capable of transmitting viruses (e.g. BYDV), are of only minor importance. Apterae on blackberry are broadly spindle-shaped, 2-3 mm long, shiny yellowish-green with dark or mainly dark siphunculi (cf. bramble aphid, Amphorophora rubi, p. 105). Those on cereals and grasses are smaller and mainly dirty greenish; they are distinguished from Sitobion avenae (above) by the longer siphunculi (about twice as long as the cauda) and by the pale basal segments of the antennae.

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