Superfamily Gelechioidea 17 Family Coleophoridae casebearer moths p 209

Small moths with narrow, pointed wings (Fig. 119); antennae directed forwards when in repose. Young larvae are leaf miners but later instars inhabit portable cases, formed from silk and leaf fragments; cases often cigar-shaped or pistol-shaped (Fig. 120); crochets on the abdominal prolegs often scattered and much reduced in number but, typically, at least those on each anal clasper arranged in a uniserial transverse band. EXAMPLES: Coleophora anatipennella (cherry pistol casebearer moth), Coleophora laricella

Fig. 121 Eighth abdominal segment of an oecophorid larva - family Oecophoridae.

(larch casebearer moth), Coleophora spinella (apple & plum casebearer moth).

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