Superfamily Notodontoidea 29 Family Notodontidae

Medium-sized to large, stout-bodied moths with relatively long forewings; tympanal organs located in the metathorax. Larvae with crochets on abdominal prolegs uniordinal, forming a mesoseries; body hairs never arising in tufts; secondary setae present; anal claspers sometimes modified into filamentous processes; body form extremely variable.

EXAMPLES: Cerura vinula (puss moth), Phalera bucephala (buff-tip moth).

Fig. 136 Twig-like larva of a geometrid moth, Ourapteryx sambucaria - family Geometridae (x3).
Fig. 137 The hind end of geometrid larvae - family Geometridae: (a) normal complement of prolegs; (b) larva with additional prolegs.

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