Superfamily Tetranychoidea 10 Family Tetranychidae spider mites p 265 et seq

Spider-like (Fig. 172), often reddish or greenish mites; pedipalps robust, 5-segmented and with both a tibial claw and a spinneret (therefore, capable of producing silken webbing); chelicerae

Fig. 172 A spider mite, Tetranychidae (x75).

Panonychiis ulmi - family

Fig. 173 A false spider mite, Cenopalpuspulcher -family Tenuipalpidae (xlOO).

fused, each with the moveable digit forming a long, piercing stylophore.

EXAMPLES: Bryobiinae - Bryobia praetiosa (clover bryobia mite), Petrobia latens (stone mite); Tetranychinae - Eotetranychus tiliarium (lime mite), Oligonychus ununguis (conifer spinning mite), Panonychiis ulmi (fruit tree red spider mite), Tetranychus urticae (two-spotted spider mite).

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