Superorder Actinotrichida Acariformes

Mites with body setae and leg setae birefringent under polarized light; idiosoma usually with a sejugal furrow between legs II and III, separating the propodosoma from the hysterosoma; coxae of legs fused to the idiosoma. Usually weakly sclerotized mites (except for most oribatids).

Order PROSTIGMATA (= Actinedida + Tarsonemida; = Trombidiformes) (p. 79 et seq.; p. 225 et seq.) Order ASTIGMATA (= Acarida; = Sarcoptiformes in part) (p. 83 et seq.; p. 269 et seq.) Order CRYPTOSTIGMATA (= Oribatida; = Sarcoptiformes in part) (p. 84; p. 270 et seq.)

EXAMPLES: Dermanyssus gallinae (chicken mite), Ornithonyssus sylviarum (northern fowl mite).

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