Zeuzera pyrina L Leopard moth

This southerly distributed pest occurs on various trees and shrubs and is sometimes a problem in young orchards, particularly in years following hot summers. The larvae bore within the shoots; they also tunnel within stems and branches of less than 10 cm in diameter. Damage is particu

Fig. 269 Raspberry moth, Lampronia rubiella (x7).

Fig. 269 Raspberry moth, Lampronia rubiella (x7).

Fig. 270 Male leopard moth, Zeuzerapyrina (x2.5).

larly serious on young trees, some of which may be killed.


Adults occur in June and July, and eggs are laid in cracks or wounds in the bark of host trees. Larvae may at first attack the leaves but eventually they bore into the shoots and branches where they form long tunnels in the heart wood. Frass and particles of wood are expelled from the feeding galleries and these often accumulate on the ground beneath infested trees. Larval development is protracted and lasts for up to 2 or 3 years. Fully fed larvae pupate within their feeding galleries, each in a silken cocoon within which particles of wood are incorporated. Moths emerge about a month later.


Adult 45-65 mm wingspan; body white marked with blue-black; wings white with blue-black spots, but thinly scaled and translucent (Fig. 270). Larva up to 60mm long; body yellow; pinacula black; head dark brown; prothoracic plate blackish-brown and very large; anal plate blackish-brown (Plate lOf). Young larva pinkish; prothoracic plate distinctively sculptured posteriorly (Fig. 271).

Fig. 271 Head and prothoracic plate of young larva of leopard moth, Zeuzera pyrina.

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