Principles Of Ecologically Based Pest Management18

Managing Aboveground Habitat 18

■ Diversify plants within agroecosystems 18 Strategies to Enhance Beneficials 21

SIDEBAR: innovative Tart Cherry Orchard Systems (Michigan) 22

■ increase the population of natural enemies 24

■ Provide supplementary resources 25

■ Manage vegetation in field margins 25

FARM FEATURE: No-Till Cover Crops Yield Soil and Pest Benefits (Georgia) 27

FARM FEATURE: A Toast to Ecological Grape Production (California) 30

■ Manage plants surrounding fields to manage specific pests 34 SIDEBAR: Reduce Mowing Frequency to Attract Beneficials 35

■ Create corridors for natural enemies 37 BOX: Beetle Banks Boost Beneficials 38

■ Select the most appropriate plants 39

SIDEBAR: Surrounding Crops with Perimeter Fools Pests (Connecticut) 40

■ Use weeds to attract beneficials 41

TABLE 1: Flowering Plants That Attract Natural Enemies 42

■ Enhance plant defenses against pests 44

FARM FEATURE: Resistant Fruit Varieties Reduce Risk (Wisconsin) 47

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