Regional Experts

These individuals are willing to respond to specific questions in their area of expertise, or to provide referral to others in the pest management field. Please respect their schedules and limited ability to respond. Consider visiting their websites before contacting them directly.

One important source of information is your local Cooperative Extension Service office. Each U.S. state and territory has a state office at its land-grant university and a network of local or regional offices. See http://www.csrees.usda. gov/Extension/ for a listing of all offices.

Northeast Region

Mary Barbercheck Department of Entomology 516 ASI Building Penn State University University Park, PA 16802 (814) 863-2982 (814) 865-3048 - fax [email protected] Soil quality and arthropod diversity as it relates to management of insect pests. Biology and ecology of entomopathogenic (insect-parasitic) nematodes for management of soil-dwelling insect pests.

Brian Caldwell

NOFA-NY Farm Education Coordinator

Northeast Organic Farming Association of New York

[email protected]

Organic pest management for vegetables and fruit. Ruth V Hazzard

University of Massachusetts Amherst

Extension Agriculture and Landscape Program, Vegetable Team [email protected] umass. edu

IPM, ecological and organic pest management in vegetables.

Fred Magdoff

Department of Plant and Soil Sciences

University of Vermont

[email protected]

Soil quality, soil testing, ecological soil management.

Ron Prokopy

Department of Entomology University of Massachusetts Amherst, MA 01003 p [email protected] Ecological management of tree fruit pests

Abby Seaman

New York State Integrated Pest Management Program Cornell Cooperative Extension [email protected]

Integrating biological controls into vegetable IPM systems Kimberly Stoner

The Connecticut Agricultural Experiment Station Kimberly. [email protected] state http ://www.

Alternatives to insecticides for managing vegetable insects

John R. Teasdale


Beltsville, MD

[email protected]

http ://www. barc .usda. gov/anri/sasl/sasl.html

Integrated weed management, cover crop management

North Central Region

Dale R. Mutch Michigan State University [email protected]

Pest management in farming systems utilizing cover crops

Southern Region

W Joe Lewis

Research Entomologist


Tifton, Georgia

[email protected]

http ://

Sustainable pest management, understanding and enhancing the parasitic and predacious insects that attack plant feeding insects.

David B. Orr

Dept. of Entomology

North Carolina State University

Raleigh, NC 27695-7613

[email protected]

Biological control of insects in field crops and organic production systems

Sharad C. Phatak, Ph.D. Professor of Horticulture 100 Horticulture Building 4604 Research Way University of Georgia Tifton, GA 31793 (229) 386-3901 (229) 386-3356 - fax [email protected]

Sustainable farming systems, cropping systems, cover crops, conservation tillage and pest management, soil quality and pest management, non-chemical weed management.

Debbie Roos

Agricultural Extension Agent

North Carolina State University

Post Office Box 279 Pittsboro, NC 27312

[email protected]

(919)542-8202 Organic and sustainable agriculture and pest management

Glynn Tillman

USDA-ARS, Tifton, Georgia

[email protected]

Biological control of insect pests in cotton

Western Region

Miguel Altieri, Ph.D. Professor of Agroecology Division of Insect Biology University of California, Berkeley [email protected]

Agroecosystem design, biodiversity, ecological pest management

Senior Analyst, Agricultural Ecology

U.C. Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education Program

University of California

One Shields Avenue

Davis, CA 95616-8716


[email protected]

http ://

Biological control, on-farm restoration ecology, earthworms, pollinators, California native plants, cover crops, hedgerows.

Clara I. Nicholls, Ph.D. Research Fellow Divison of Insect Biology University of California, Berkeley [email protected]

Habitat management, biological control

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