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Build A Profit Pulling Ezine In 12 The Time

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Conservation planning process

Individual contacts, newsletters, and the media can provide information on local situations that must be addressed in planning an AWMS. The information should stress voluntary action to correct problems and give details of programs that are available to the decisionmaker for both technical and financial assistance.

Structured interaction between groundwater professionals

This may be the oldest way of sharing information and experience on groundwater internationally. Since the time groundwater subjects were considered to have a scientific dimension, scientists have been communicating on their findings and ideas on groundwater. An example from the early days of groundwater science is the famous publication on groundwater flow by Dupuit (1863). Books, papers in journals with international circulation and international meetings related to groundwater have become important means to share knowledge and experience worldwide and to trigger international scientific debate. Recently emerged mechanisms and tools for structured professional interaction are international working groups, newsletters and electronic discussion or conferencing platforms.

FAO capacity building activities in the mycotoxin area

FAO capacity building activities in these areas may be in conjunction with international organizations, national governments, international and regional financial institutions and Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs). The activities and strategies differ by region and by country. Often, technical assistance is provided to assess and analyze the institutional set up for food control to identify the main weaknesses, and to formulate recommendations and proposals for establishing technically sound food control systems that are harmonized with international standards. Specific capacity building activities usually include training food control officials and technical staff through seminars, workshops and study tours, enhancing food control laboratory and inspection capabilities, preparing training manuals and guidelines, and establishing and strengthening policies, regulatory frameworks and National Codex Committees.

Drought Mitigation

At the national level, drought mitigation practices include drought preparedness, drought assistance, and drought rehabilitation. Usually the ministries of agriculture deliver educational materials to farmers to help them prepare for drought. A variety of mechanisms are adopted, such as area meetings with agricultural stakeholders, farm visitations, newsletters, and the use of radio and television advertisements. Education involves informing and preparing the agricultural stakeholders for the onset of dry conditions, highlighting the characteristics of an ongoing drought, and teaching or encouraging alternative farming practices for use in drought-prone areas. Four practices are generally encouraged in the West Indies (1) mulching or covering the soil surface with dried plant matter to prevent evaporation of the surface water (2) planting a cover crop such as peas or