Bioshelters have already been mentioned under water and its use. Here it is suffice to say that a bioshelter is a structure with a solar envelope that is used to initiate a wide range of biological systems within. We have used such structures to grow food year-around in rugged temperate climates like the Maritime provinces of Canada. They are also used to grow vegetables and fishes in deserts and arid regions.

Recently, John Todd received support from the National Endowment for the Arts and two private foundations to design and develop a second generation bioshelter that would be long-lived, light and portable, capable of withstanding severe storms, exclusively solar-powered, adapted to extreme environments, including the Mediterranean, and cost-effective for food culture in the U.S.A. In this project these bioshelters will be the "embryos" and epicenters of the overall restoration project. Highly water-conserving, they will be used for plant propagation, for the hatching and culture of young fishes, and for the growing of myriads of beneficial microorganisms. Without them a ten-year time frame for each project would not be possible.

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