Project Work Still to be Undertaken

i. Experimental Fishing: A large mid-water zone exists between 5 fathoms (12 miles offshore) and 20 fathoms (35 miles offshore) which is beyond the range of most of the existing vessels and which is scarcely fished. We want to use our specially designed shrimp and bottom fish trawls for experimental fishing in this zone.

The Ocean Pickup is also rigged to fish for large sharks and to aid with developing a shark fishery. Shark meat and fins are in high demand. It is planned to fish in areas where sharks are considered abundant.

A single test trip using the trolling gear turned up catches of yellow fin, tuna, and mackerel. It would be valuable if we could establish a sail-powered trolling fishery for pelagic species.

ii. By-Catch from Shrimp Boats: Shrimpers trawl out to the territorial limits of Guyana in search of highly valuable shrimp. Up to 80% of their catch is fin fish which are discarded because they are not valuable enough to process on the trawlers which cost up to 1.5 million Guyanan dollars to purchase. Scientists estimate that almost all of the country's meat needs could be met by the fish which are killed and wasted at sea. As yet no one has found a cost effective solution to the by-catch problem.

We suspect an Ocean-Pickup-like vessel, larger than the prototype, may be the answer. To test our assumptions we propose to rendezvous with shrimpers at sea and transfer the by-catch to the Ocean Pickup, and with the fish packed in ice, sail the vessel the 70-90 miles to Georgetown. We have designed the transfer gear and are working on the logistics of rendezvousing with trawlers. We expect that within six months the cost effectiveness and suitability of Ocean Pickups as by-catch vessels can be determined.

iii. Developing and Financing the Infrastructure to Build Ocean

Pickups: We are committed to seeing that the preliminary research and development is translated into boat building and boat plantation enterprises. Over the next half year the various national and international agencies responsible for fisheries development will need to be coordinated and .he entrepreneurial skills located to undertake the task. Ocean Arks International will coordinate the negotiations and seek financing for the implementation phase. Preliminary talks with the Inter-American Development Bank and Guyana Fisheries Limited have begun. Over the longer term OAI • ill have to provide ongoing technical and training services to the Guyanese in order to ensure that the finest possible fishing vessels are developed and made available to the people of the southern Caribbean region.

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