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Introduction and Overview: Agricultural Values of Plant 1

Genetic Resources

R.E. Evenson, D. Gollin and V. Santaniello

Part I. Modelling the Role of Genetic Resources in Plant Breeding

1 Plant Breeding: a Case of Induced Innovation 29 R.E. Evenson

2 The Economics of Public Investment in Agro-biodiversity 43 Conservation

J.C. Cooper

3 The Value of Genetic Resources for Use in Agricultural 55 Improvement

R.D. Simpson and R.A. Sedjo

4 The Source of Genetic Resource Values and the Reasons for Their 67 Management

T. Swanson

Part II. Empirical Studies: Plant Breeding and Field Diversity

5 Indicators of Varietal Diversity in Bread Wheat Grown in 85 Developing Countries

M. Smale

6 The Value of Wheat Genetic Resources to Farmers in Turkey 97 S.B. Brush and E. Meng

Part III. Empirical Studies: Breeding Values

7 Maize Breeding and Genetic Resources 117 W. Salhuana and S. Smith

8 Role of International Germplasm Collections in Italian 133 Durum Wheat Breeding Programmes

D. Bagnara and V. Santaniello

9 An Application of Hedonic Pricing Methods to Value Rice 139 Genetic Resources in India

D. Gollin and R.E. Evenson

10 Varietal Trait Values for Rice in India 151 K.P.C. Rao and R.E. Evenson

11 Modern Varieties, Traits, Commodity Supply and Factor 157 Demand in Indian Agriculture

R.E. Evenson

12 Crop-loss Data and Trait Value Estimates for Rice in Indonesia 169 R.E. Evenson

13 Breeding Values of Rice Genetic Resources 179 D. Gollin and R.E. Evenson

Part IV. Property Rights

14 Creating Linkages Between Valuation, Conservation and 197 Sustainable Development of Genetic Resources

A. Artuso

15 Farmers' Rights 207 J. Esquinas-Alcázar

16 Intellectual Property and Farmers' Rights 219

B.D. Wright

17 Valuing Farmers' Rights 233 D. Gollin

Part V. The Implication of Development in Biotechnology

18 Impact of Biotechnology on the Demand for Rice Biodiversity 249 C.E. Pray

19 Biotechnology and Genetic Resources 261 R.E. Evenson

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