Readily available water required

Source NSW Agriculture. kPa is pressure in kilopascals. Source NSW Agriculture. kPa is pressure in kilopascals. Column A is for water sensitive crops such as vegetables. Column B is for most fruit crops and table grapes. Column C is for wine grapes, most perennial pastures and irrigated field crops. Column D is for lucerne, annual pastures and winter cereals. Column E is for crops suitable for new rainfall areas.

Soil deposition Figure 34 on p 114

High velocity wind can pick up soil particles and keep them airborne until the wind velocity decreases and the soil is deposited back to earth, usually as a fine dust layer. Larger soil particles may also be moved across the ground surface by a process called 'saltation', and again the soil will stop moving either when it comes against an obstruction, or when the wind velocity drops. Each individual wind event may not necessarily move soil large distances, but left unchecked over decades or...