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Biological farming is a blend of the art of farming and science, and is gaining in popularity because the extent of the environmental damage caused by chemicals and pollution is becoming too serious to ignore. People are trying to develop systems of farming that will produce the food and fibre needed to feed and clothe the global population in a sustainable way. The reliance on fossil fuel energy and chemicals is clearly doing immense environmental damage, and the system primarily used at present is running down food producing resources globally. Often with the current system of farming, it costs more energy to produce food (energy inputs) than the energy in the food produced (energy output). This is clearly not sustainable.

Countries such as China, for example, have been producing food from the same land for thousands of years using the cycling of nutrients method, without the use of chemical inputs, or even fossil fuel energy. This has been made possible because of the very large labour force available, and their willingness to recycle so-called waste products.

Before the Spanish invaded South America, the native South American Indians had a well-developed system of soil management based on addition of carbon (charcoal) and bacterial cultures, the remains of which are still evident today in Brazil. There is evidence where the leached tropical soils of the time have been converted to deep (10 metres) rich black soil capable of growing excellent crops that fed their very large population.

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