Preface iii

Figures vii

Perennial Polyculture Farming: Seeds of Another Agricultural Revolution? 1

What Is Perennial Polyculture Farming? 1

What Makes Perennial Polycultures Different? 2

What Is the Primary Promise of Perennial Polyculture Farming? 4

Effects on the Environment 5

What Are Possible Secondary Benefits? 13

Reduction in Hunger and Poverty 14

Reduced Energy Use 16

Improved Health and Education 17

Is Perennial Polyculture Farming Truly Feasible? 19

Isn't the Concept Too Simplistic? 19

Why Hasn't Anybody Tried This Before? 20

What Is the Evidence That Perennial Polyculture Farming Could Work? 21

Should Perennial Polycultures Replace Annual Monocultures? 24

Where Should We Go from Here? 24

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