Perennial Polyculture Farming Seeds of Another Agricultural Revolution

Humanity today faces a variety of problems on a global scale. These problems include poverty and hunger, growing worries about fossil fuel consumption, environmental degradation, loss of biodiversity, health problems—particularly among women and children—and a growing global disparity in education levels.1 There is no shortage of solutions proposed for each of these problems, but there is one solution—perennial polyculture farming—that could contribute answers to each of these problems and deserves more attention than it has received. This extended opinion piece argues for the promise of perennial polyculture farming as a positive contribution to a wide variety of global problems and suggests actions that should be taken to explore that promise further. The format will be a series of questions and answers about perennial polyculture farming:

• What is perennial polyculture farming?

• What makes perennial polycultures different?

• What is the primary promise of perennial polyculture farming?

• What are possible secondary benefits?

• Is perennial polyculture farming truly feasible?

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