Editing this book took more than two years. During this period, many people helped, directly or indirectly. All of the chapters were reviewed and edited by the editors. Nevertheless, selected chapters were sent to external reviewers for general comments. The external reviewers were Kenneth J. Boote of the University of Florida, Anthony W. England of the University of Michigan, Chester F. Ropelewski of Columbia University, Tribeni C. Sharma of St. Francis Xavier University, Masato Shinoda of Tokyo Metropolitan University, Olga Wilhelmi of the National Center for Atmospheric Research, Zhi-Yong Yin of Georgia State University, and Jakob van Zyl of the Jet Propulsion Laboratory. The United Nations World Meteorological Organization sponsored the book and provided some financial support.

The editors also thank these scholars for reviewing the book outline: William A. Dando of Indiana State University, Thomas R. Loveland of EROS Data Center (U.S. Geological Survey), and David Stea and John P. Tiefenbacher of Texas State University. In addition, the following people helped identify a suitable author or a reviewer: Connie Falk of New Mexico State University, Michael Glantz of the National Center for Atmospheric Research, Gerrit Hoogenboom of the University of Georgia, M.V.K. Sivakumar of the World Meteorological Organization, and Fawwaj T. Ulaby of the University of Michigan. Gregory L. Easson and Richard P. Major of the University of Mississippi extended support to help bring the final phase of the book editing to a close. Sangeeta, Astitva, and Agrini deserve special thanks for extending immense support and understanding throughout the editing period.

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