Agricultural Drought in Ethiopia 227 Engida Mersha and Vijendra K. Boken Monitoring Agricultural Drought: The Case of Kenya 238

Laban A. Ogallo, Silvery B. Otengi, Peter Ambenje, William Nyakwada, and Faith Githui Drought Monitoring Techniques for Famine Early Warning Systems in Africa 252 James Rowland, James Verdin, Alkhalil Adoum, and Gabriel Senay

Monitoring Agricultural Drought in Southern Africa 266

Leonard S. Unganai and Tsitsi Bandason Harnessing Radio and Internet Systems to Monitor and Mitigate Agricultural Droughts in Rural African Communities 276 Marion Pratt, Macol Stewart Cerda, Mohammed Boulahya, and Kelly Sponberg Livestock Early Warning System for Africa's Rangelands 283

Jerry W. Stuth, Jay Angerer, Robert Kaitho, Abdi Jama, and Raphael Marambii

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