Drought affects agriculture of Bangladesh frequently. It is possible to avoid crop loss by identifying the drought-affected areas, through systematic monitoring, and motivating the farmers to take countermeasures by providing timely and adequate irrigation in the affected areas. Unfortunately, despite having the technological capacity, drought monitoring has not been given due emphasis as yet. The existing capacity needs to be enhanced through appropriate planning, and it should be brought under a proper institutional framework. Concerted efforts of all the major stakeholders will enable the country to take appropriate measures for drought monitoring and management and save the poverty-stricken farmers from losing harvest, thus seriously affecting their livelihood.

acknowledgments We thank Zahurul Karim, former Secretary to the Ministry of Fisheries and Livestock, for kindly reviewing the manuscript and providing valuable suggestions. We are indebted to Ghulam Hussain of Bangladesh Agriculture Research Council for his continued encouragement and for providing drought maps. Acknowledgment is also due to Salima Sultana, Department of Geography at Auburn University, for encouragement and support.

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