Since its establishment in 1945, FAO has contributed a lot to improve the food security situation of rural people, especially in the developing countries. FAO has established a variety of programs for monitoring weather conditions through satellite data and ground-based tools to provide timely information for drought early warning in cases of impending food shortages. It can be said that FAO is fulfilling its purposes. The establishment of the SDRN and GIEWS at FAO has been of great assistance to crop production and agricultural drought monitoring through systematic collection, analysis, and dissemination of food supply and production information in the world.

acknowledgments I extend my gratitude to Kennedy Masamvu, the SADC Regional Remote Sensing Unit (RRSU), for granting me the time to prepare this chapter and thanks to Rene Gommes, Michele Bernardi, and Jelle U. Hielkema for recommending me to write the chapter on behalf of FAO. The regional FAO office in Harare provided some material to write the chapter. Special thanks are also due to FAO Sub-Regional Representative Victoria Sekitoleko and to Mark McGuire.

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