The proposed drought early warning system will be implemented in three phases: immediate, short term, and long term. The immediate phase will last one year, and its purpose is to collect the existing drought risk maps at various administrative levels and prepare drought maps for the whole country based on the data analysis performed at the Warning Center. The short-term phase will last two years. During this phase different drought-monitoring techniques will be examined for their suitability of use in the proposed system. In addition, the GIS database will be updated with maps of larger scales (1:50,000), replacing the existing map with scale of 1:250,000. The long-term phase will continue for four years with the objective of developing the networking facility to connect the participating organizations. Computer hardware and software will be developed during this phase, and networking and transmission facilities will be installed at all the participating organizations and field stations. Training and seminars will also be organized for all personnel with the help of external experts.

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