Agriculturally Related Biotechnology


Agricultural Research Service 24.5 Cooperative State Research Service:

Competitive Research Grants Office 30.0

Hatch Act and Special Grants 18.4 SAES (nonfederal support)b

State funding 17.3

Industry 5.6

Private industryc 150.0 ALL BIOTECHNOLOGY3

EPA 1.5

FDA 2.6

NIH 1,849.5

NSF 81.6

NOTE: EPA = Environmental Protection Agency; FDA = Food and Drug Administration: and SAES = State Agricultural Experiment Stations.

a FY85. Competitive Research Grants Office funding includes both specific biotechnology grants and additional biotechnology-related research covered by its other grants. Funding by non-USDA federal agencies may include some agriculturally related biotechnology research. SOURCE: Government Accounting Office, 1986. b FY84 data.

c Estimate based on data from the Agricultural Research Institute, 1985. A Survey of U.S. Agricultural Research by Private Industry III. Bethesda, Md.

SOURCE: National Association of State Universities and Land-Grant Colleges, 1985.

Ultimately, the important consideration is the availability of adequate funding to support significant advances in biotechnology. What does it cost to make progress in agriculturally related biotechnology? The following is one estimate of the price tag on a discovery in biotechnology of value to agriculture.

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