A As excreted manure

Daily "as excreted" manure production data are presented where possible in pounds per day per 1,000 pounds livestock live weight (lb/d/1000#) for typical commercial animals and birds. Units of cubic feet per day per 1,000 pounds live weight (ft3/d/1000#) allow waste production to be calculated on a volumetric basis. Moisture content and total solids are given as a percentage of the total wet weight (% w.b.) of the manure. Total solids are also given in units of lb/d/ 1000#. Other solids data and the nutrient content of the manure are presented in units of lb/d/1000# on a wet weight basis.

"As excreted" manure characteristics are the most reliable data available. Manure and waste properties resulting from other situations, such as flushed manure, feedlot manure, and poultry litter, are the result of certain "foreign" materials being added and/or some manure components being lost from the "as excreted" manure. Much of the variation in livestock waste characterization data in this chapter and in other references results largely from the uncertain and unpredictable additions to and losses from the "as excreted" manure.

Livestock manure and waste produced in confinement and semi-confinement facilities are of primary concern and are given the greatest consideration in this chapter. Manure from unconfined animals and poultry, such as those on pasture or range, are of lesser significance because handling and distribution problems are not commonly encountered.

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