A Deficiencies of plant nutrients

The deficiency of nutrients to the plants from agricultural waste application can occur by either the shortage of supplied elements contained in the material or the interference in the uptake of essential nutrients caused by the excessive supply of another. In the first case, an analysis of the waste material is needed to determine the amount of plant nutrients being supplied, and this amount is balanced with the quantity required by the crop. Using the Nutrient Management Standard (590) with a nutrient budget worksheet will assure that all essential nutrients are being supplied to the crop. For the second case, an example in the section, "Excesses of plant nutrients, total dissolved solids, and trace elements," shows the antagonism that excessive uptake of ammonium ion from manure has on the calcium ion. High levels of copper, iron, and manganese in the waste material can cause a plant deficiency of zinc caused by blockage of Zn uptake sites on the root by the other ions.

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