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Production is the function of the amount and nature of agricultural waste generated by an agricultural enterprise. The waste requires management if quantities produced are sufficient enough to become a resource concern. A complete analysis of production includes the kind, consistency, volume, location, and timing of the waste produced.

The waste management system may need to accommodate seasonal variations in the rate of production.

The production of unnecessary waste should be kept to a minimum. For example, a large part of the waste associated with many livestock operations includes contaminated runoff from open holding areas. The runoff can be reduced by restricting the size of open holding areas, roofing part of the holding area, and installing gutters and diversions to direct uncontam-inated water away from the waste. A proverb to remember is, "Keep the clean water clean."

Leaking watering facilities and spilled feed contribute to the production of waste. These problems can be reduced by careful management and maintenance of feeders, watering facilities, and associated equipment.

A record should be kept of the data, assumptions, and calculations used to determine the kind, consistency, volume, location, and timing of the waste produced. The production estimates should include future expansion.

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