A Waste storage facilities for solids

Storage facilities for solid manure include waste storage ponds and waste storage structures. Waste storage ponds are earthen impoundments used to retain manure, bedding, and runoff liquid. Solid and semi-solid manure placed into a storage pond will most likely have to be removed as a liquid unless precipitation is low or a means of draining the liquid is available. The pond bottom and entrance ramps should be paved if emptying equipment will enter the pond.

Waste storage structures can be used for manure that will stack and can be handled by solid manure handling equipment. These structures must be accessible for loading and hauling equipment. They can be open or covered. Roofed structures are used to prevent or reduce excess moisture content. Open stacks can be used in either arid or humid climate. Seepage and runoff must be managed. Structures for open and covered stacks often have wooden, reinforced concrete, or concrete block sidewalls. The amount of bedding material often dictates whether or not the manure can be handled as a solid.

In some instances manure must be stored in open stacks in fields. Runoff and seepage from these stacks must be managed to prevent movement into streams or other surface or ground water. Figures 10-12 and 10-13 show various solid manure storage facilities.

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