CInventory the resources

When the objectives are determined and documented, planning step 3, inventory the resources, is to be addressed. Some inventory data may have been developed during the process of determining objectives. However, at this point the planner must assure that the resource inventory data are complete to the extent that they can be used to develop alternatives for a proposed AWMS.

Planning an AWMS requires an inventory based on compilation of data from many different sources. Some of the required data can be physically measured. For example, the number of acres available for land application of waste can be determined from a map using a planimeter. Other data needed, such as the level of management, are less tangible and must be determined based on observation, discussions with the decisionmaker, and judgment of the planner.

Worksheets are convenient for organizing much of the inventory data needed for planning an AWMS. A partial list of items that must be inventoried or evaluated follows. These items are described in more detail in their specific chapter.

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