D Oxidation ditches

In some situations sufficient space is not available for a lagoon for treating animal waste, and odor control is critical. One option for treating animal waste under these circumstances is an oxidation ditch (fig. 10-29). The shallow, continuous ditch generally is in an oval layout. It has a special aerator spanning the channel. The action of the aerator moves the liquid waste around the channel and keeps the solids in suspension. Because of the need for continuous aeration, this process can be expensive to operate. Oxidation ditches should only be designed by a professional engineer familiar with the process.

The range of loading for an oxidation ditch is 1 pound of BOD5 per 30 to 100 cubic feet of volume. This provides for a retention time of 30 to 70 days. Solids accumulate over time and must be removed by settling. The TS concentration is maintained in the 2 to 6 percent range, and dilution water must be added periodically.

If oxidation ditches are not overloaded, they work well for minimizing odors. The degree of management required, however, may be more than desired by some operators. Daily attention is often necessary, and equipment failure can lead to toxic gas generation soon after the aerators are stopped. If the ditches are properly managed, they can be effective in reducing nitrogen to N2 through cyclic aerobic/anaerobic periods, which allows nitrification and then denitrification.

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