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If the water is removed from freshly excreted manure, the volume to handle can be reduced. The process of removing water is referred to as dewatering. In the arid regions of the United States, most manure is dewatered (dried) by evaporation from sun and wind. Some nutrients may be lost in the drying process.

Dried or dewatered manure solids are often sold as a soil conditioner or garden fertilizer. These solids may also be used as fertilizer on agricultural land. They are high in organic matter and can be expected to produce odors if moisture is added and the material is not redried or composted. Because the water is removed, the concentrations of some nutrients and salts will change. Dried manure should be analyzed to determine the nutrient concentrations before land application.

In humid climates dewatering is accomplished by adding energy to drive off the desired amount of moisture. Processes have been developed for drying manure in greenhouse-type facilities; however, the drying rate is dependent on the temperature and relative humidity. The cost of energy often makes the drying process unattractive.

Figure 1O-29 Schematic of an oxidation ditch

Figure 1O-29 Schematic of an oxidation ditch

Oxidation Ditch Schematic

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