H Sheep

"As excreted" manure characteristics for sheep are limited to those for the feeder lamb (table 4-18). In some cases bedding may be a significant component of sheep waste.

Table 4-17 Veal waste characterization — as excreted Table 4-18 Lamb waste characterization — as excreted*

Component Units Veal feeder Component Units Lamb

Weight lb/d/1000# 60.00

Volume ft3/d/1000# 0.96

Moisture % 97.50

C:N ratio 2

Weight lb/d/1000# 40.00

Volume ft3/d/1000# 0.63

Moisture % 75.00

C:N ratio 10

* Increase solids and nutrients by 4% for each 1% feed waste more than 5%.

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