Chapter 7 covers geologic and ground water considerations that may affect the planning, design, and construction of an agricultural waste management system (AWMS). Two main issues are addressed:

• The engineering suitability of the soil and foundation characteristics of the site

• The potential for an AWMS component to contaminate ground water

Storing, treating, or utilizing agricultural wastes and nutrients at or below the ground surface has the potential to contaminate ground water (fig. 7-1). Many agricultural waste management components can be installed on properly selected sites without any special treatment other than good construction procedures. The key is to be able to recognize and avoid potentially problematic site conditions early in the planning process. An appropriately conducted onsite investigation is essential to identify and evaluate geologic conditions, engineering constraints, and behavior of earth materials. The requirements for preliminary (planning) and detailed (design) investigations are explained in this chapter. This chapter provides guidance in a wide variety of engineering geologic issues and water quality considerations that may be encountered in investigation and planning.

Figure 7-1 Agricultural sources of potential ground water contamination

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