Safety is an important aspect of planning, design, construction, and operation of an agricultural waste management system (AWMS). SCS policy as it pertains to an AWMS includes:

• Notification of utility companies when utilities are in the vicinity of engineering investigations or construction activities (National Engineering Manual (NEM), part 503).

• Incorporating safety measures into structures (NEM, part 503).

• Informing decisionmaker and contractor of safety requirements at preconstruction conferences (NEM, part 512.13).

• Safety requirements for construction activities under formal SCS contracting (Federal Acquisition Regulations, Clause 52.236-13, and Code of Federal Regulations, 29 CFR 1910 & 1926).

• Safety requirements for construction contracts under locally awarded contracts (120-V-CGCAM (National Contracts, Grants, and Cooperative Agreements Manual, part 516).

• Safety requirements for construction by informal contracting acquired by the decisionmaker (110-GM (General Manual), part 402.4).

• Withdrawing SCS assistance if unsafe construction conditions are not corrected (110-GM, part 402.13).

651.0106 Policies — USDA and SCS

The policies that guide involvement of USDA agencies in pollution abatement activities are in the following documents:

ground water contamination. To bolster this position, USDA agencies will continue to conduct research, monitoring, assessment, and evaluation of chemical management; provide information, education, and technical assistance to private landowners in using practices that minimize risks; and provide information and education to people and communities in rural areas about protecting wells from pathogens and nutrients and other agricultural chemicals.

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