Scrape alleys and open areas

Two kinds of manure scrapers are used to clean alleys (fig. 10-3). A mechanical scraper is dedicated to a given alley. It is propelled using electrical drives attached by cables or chains. The drive units are often

Figure 10-2 Diversion of "clean" water around feedlot Figure 10-3 Scrape alley used in dairy barns





Waste storage pond

Waste storage pond








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Cross conveyor to storage

Cross conveyor to storage used to power two mechanical scrapers that are traveling in opposite directions in parallel alleys in an oscillating manner. Some mechanical scrapers are in alleys under slatted floors.

A tractor scraper can be used in irregularly shaped alleys and open areas where mechanical scrapers cannot function properly. It can be a blade attached to either the front or rear of a tractor or a skid-steer tractor that has a front-mounted bucket.

The width of alleys depends on the desires of the producer and the width of available equipment. Scrape alley widths typically vary from 8 to 14 feet for dairy and beef cattle and from 3 to 8 feet for swine and poultry.

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