Site location

A careful evaluation of the site should be made to determine the best location for components and practices of an AWMS. Aerial photographs are very helpful in site evaluation. If possible, those components that are not visually pleasing should not be located where they are routinely visible to neighbors or passersby. Some people can "smell" with their eyes. An AWMS that is managed correctly and has its components out of sight has few problems. Sites that are highly visible or conspicuous or that front on well-traveled roads should include visual barriers, special design, and good management practices.

The location of lakes, streams, wells, and other receiving water should be noted. An AWMS should be developed to minimize the negative effect on the water.

AWMS components should not be placed on flood plains; however, if alternative locations are not available, care should be taken to flood proof facilities according to requirements of Federal and State laws. In addition, land application of agricultural wastes should not be made during periods when flooding normally occurs unless the waste is injected or plowed down immediately.

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