Waste consistency

Waste of different consistencies require different management techniques and handling equipment. Agricultural waste may be in the form of a liquid, slurry, semi-solid, or solid. Waste, such as manure, can change consistency throughout the system or throughout the year. The total solids (TS) concentration of manure is the main characteristic that indicates how the material can be handled.

Factors that influence the TS concentration of excreted manure include the climate, type of animal, amount of water consumed by the animal, and the feed type. In most systems the consistency of the waste can be anticipated or determined. The TS concentration of the waste can be increased by adding bedding to the waste, decreased by adding water, and stabilized by protecting it from additional water. Figure 9-1 illustrates how varying the TS concentration for different animal manures affects consistency. Additional information is in chapter 4.

The consistency of the waste should be selected and controlled for several reasons. Solid waste management systems have a reduced total volume of waste because of the reduction in the amount of water. Solid waste handling equipment may have lower cost and power requirements; however, the labor required for operation and management generally is greater than that for other methods.

Liquid waste management systems are often easier to automate and require less daily attention than those for solid wastes. However, the additional water needed increases the volume of waste requiring management, and the initial cost of the liquid handling equipment may be greater than that for solid waste systems.

Operator preference is also a factor. A landowner may select a method for managing waste because that method is popular in the community. It will be easier to learn from and share experiences with neighbors and, in case of equipment failure or other emergencies, the landowners can more easily assist each other.

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