Worksheet 10A1Waste storage structure capacity design

Decisionmaker: Bill Walton

Date: S/13/81

Site: Middlesburg, TN

Animal units

1. Animal type Milkers Heifers

3. Number of animals (N)

7. Total volume of manure production for animal type for storage period, ft3 2Q 475

27 707

8. Total manure production for storage period, ft3 (TVM) ________ 27,/0/

Wastewater volume

9. Daily wastewater volume per AU, ft3/AU/day (DWW) = 10. Total wastewater volume for animal description for storage period, ft3 0

11. Total wastewater volume for Q A^D storage period, ft3 (TWW)---------------------------------9 450

Bedding volume

12. Amount of bedding used daily for animal type, lbs/AU/day (WB) = -

14. Bedding volume for animal type for storage period, ff3 =

15. Total bedding volume for storage period, ft3 (TBV) =

Minimum waste storage volume requirement

16. Waste storage volume, ft3 (WV) = TVM + TWW + TBV = _



Waste stacking structure sizing

Notes for waste stacking structure:

1. The volume determined (WSV) does not include any volume for freeboard. It is recommended that a minimum of 1 foot of freeboard be provided for a waste stacking structure.

2. The equations for L, WI, and H assume manure is stacked to average height equal to the sidewall height. Available storage volume must be adjusted to account for these types of variations.

Tank sizing

Total height (or depth) of tank desired, ft (H)------

Less precipitation for storage period, ft.-----

(uncovered tanks only)

Less depth allowance for accumulated solids, ft -(0.5 ft. minimum)

22. Rectangular tank dimensions Total height, ft (H) =-

23. Circular tank dimensions Total height, ft H =

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