Worksheet 10A2Waste storage pond design

Decisionmaker: Joe Green

Date: 10/4/90

Site: Silverton, OR

Animal units l. Animal type

Milkers Dry Heifers 3. Number of animals (N)_____________500

1,400 1,400


4. Animal units, AU = WLLxLLNL l000

Manure volume

5. Daily volume of manure production per AU, ft3/AU/day (DVM)= 1.30


7. Total volume of manure production for 63 800 49 140 35 100

B. Total manure production for storage period, ft3 (TVM)


Wastewater volume

9. Daily wastewater volume per AU, ft3/AU/day (DWW) =

ll. Total wastewater volume for storage period, ft3 (TWW)


10. Total wastewater volume for animal description for storage period, ft3yr f*nn WWD = DWW x AU x D = /D,600

Clean water volume

12. Clean water added during storage period, ft3 (CW)

Solids accumulation

14. Volume of solids accumulation, ft3 (VSA) _

Runoff Volume

13. Runoff volume, ft3 (ROV) (attach documentation) Includes the volume of runoff from the drainage area due to normal runoff for the storage period and the runoff volume from the 25-year, 24-hour storm.

Waste volume requirement

1S. Waste volume, ft3 (WV) = TVM t TWW t CW t ROV t VSA

Pond sizing

16. Sizing by trial and error Side slope ratio, (Z) =_3_

323,640 3

V must be equal to or greater than WV = LLLLLLLLLLLLLL ft3

Rectangular pond,

Circular pond,

V _Ç 4 x z x d j + (z x BL x d2 )+(z x BW x d

2 ) +(BW x BL x d)

V = (1.05 x Z2 x d3) + (1.57 x W x Z x d2) + (0.79 x W2 x d)

Trial Bottom width Bottom length no. ft (BW) ft (BL)


Trial Bottom diameter Depth* Volume no. (DIA) ft (d) ft3 (V)

2 100 400



3 100 425



4 100 425


326,903 »


* Depth must be adjusted in Step 17.

Depth adjustment

17. Depth adjustment

Depth, ft (d)


Add depth of precipitation less evaporation . _ _ _+_ (For the storage period)

Add for freeboard (1.0 foot minimum) , Final depth

Waste storage pond sizing—The waste storage pond is sized by trial and error for either a rectangular or circular shaped pond by using the procedure on line 16. Figure 10-20 is a simple BASIC computer program that can be used to compute the volume by inputting the bottom width, bottom length, and depth.

Depth adjustment—The depth required to store the waste storage volume with the selected pond dimensions must be adjusted by adding depth for the precipitation less evaporation and the depth of the 25-year, 24-hour storm on the pond surface. The minimum freeboard is 1 foot. The adjustment for final depth is made using line 17.

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1GG 11G 12G 13G 14G 1SG 16G 17G 18G 19G 2GG 21G 22G

rem************************************************ REM * BASIC program for solving the rectangular pond volume * REM * equation

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